In 2017, we had the wonderful opportunity to add Darlah to our family. She is currently three years old and is such a joyful, energetic blessing. Whether it is taking care of the horses, cooking in the kitchen, or just folding the laundry, she always wants to be a part of every aspect of our life. She definitely looks at life as a grand adventure. Darlah loves playing ball with Diesel and exploring with Dixie. She aims to please and never wants to get into any trouble. She loves hanging out with every person that comes to visit, especially when they take time to play and snuggle with her.

When we added her to our family we were super excited to breed her. We were looking forward to being able to provide people with a puppy that would have some of her wonderful personality traits and beautiful markings. However, things did not go as planned. Even with my husbands family history of breeding dogs for 20 years, they had never come across the same struggle we have had with her. After consulting with our vet, we determined that AI was going to be our best option for her. Even with this process, we had a few ups and downs. So, we are truly thankful that the Lord has blessed us with two adorable little pups.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this brand new mama dog. We look forward to raising Darlah’s two little girls and being a part of finding them a forever home.

Helping in the kitchen.

Helping with barn chores

Snuggle time with one of her favorite people!

Enjoying a walk!