Forster FamilyEnglish Springer SpanielsTroy, Missouri
  • Nickname Dixie
  • Date of Birth Sep 06, 2015
  • Color Liver and White
  • Gender Female
  • Owners Krystal Forster
  • Mother Roxy XXXI
  • Father Rowdy Eugene Welsh
  • American Kennel Club SR89889705
  • About Dixie We traveled to Ohio to get Dixie. She is our smallest female weighing 30 lbs. Dixie is a little bundle of energy. She loves to run and spring around the yard playing with her friends. She is extremely loving and enjoys being cuddled. She always desires to be with us and aims to please. Due to Dixie having trouble with birthing puppies we are no longer breeding her. With her high level of energy and gentleness with puppies she has become a perfect nanny. We are pleased to have a dog that plays well and is also able to help teach the puppies once they are weaned.













Dixie at 10 weeks